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Dear Customers, My shopping cart is unfortunately broken for the time being so in order to pay for your posters please call me at 707-513-0940 or email me at lia@leadpipeposters.com. Accepted payment is Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or postal money order. When contacting me please indicate the item number(s) you want as well as where your order is going and Ill respond promptly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sincerely, Lia

Lia Alcantara,
Owner of Lead Pipe Posters

Vintage Art and Music Posters

Lead Pipe Posters has vintage art and music posters mainly from the 1960's (sixties posters are HOT!) and 1970's (the seventies were a groovey poster era too!).

Our collection of vintage posters is colorful and vast, ranging from original San Francisco Fillmore and Avalon Ballroom rock concert posters to blacklight and psychedelic art posters; from Harley Davidson collectible posters to political anti-war posters; from Brigitte Bardot pinup posters to Alice Cooper promo posters; from Nixon campaign posters to anti-Vietnam war posters; from Beatles concert posters to marijuana legalizaton posters; and featuring renowned artists such as Peter Max, Rick Griffin, Richard Avedon, Tomi Ungerer and many others.

Whew! We didn't mean for vintage art posters to be work man. So relax, take a toke, and travel back, back to those wild, wonderful and inspiring 60's as you tour our memorable gallery of vintage art and music posters!

Peace, Love and Vintage Posters

60s and 70s Advertisements poster
Advertisements Posters
60s and 70s Astrology poster
Astrology Posters
60s and 70s Biker Art poster
Biker Art Posters
60s and 70s Blacklight poster
Blacklight Posters
60s and 70s Celebrities poster
Celebrities Posters
60s and 70s Comedy poster
Comedy Posters
60s and 70s Comic/Fantasy Art poster
Comic/Fantasy Art Posters
60s and 70s Concert poster
Concert Posters
60s and 70s Drugs poster
Drugs Posters
60s and 70s East Totem West Posters poster
East Totem West Posters Posters
60s and 70s Erotica poster
Erotica Posters
60s and 70s Fine Art poster
Fine Art Posters
60s and 70s Inspirational/Spiritual poster
Inspirational/Spiritual Posters
60s and 70s Movies poster
Movies Posters
60s and 70s Music Promos poster
Music Promos Posters
60s and 70s Musicians/Bands poster
Musicians/Bands Posters
60s and 70s Political poster
Political Posters
60s and 70s Postcards/Tickets/Magazines poster
Postcards/Tickets/Magazines Posters
60s and 70s Promos General poster
Promos General Posters
60s and 70s Psychedelic Art poster
Psychedelic Art Posters
60s and 70s Sports poster
Sports Posters
60s and 70s T.V. poster
T.V. Posters
60s and 70s Travel poster
Travel Posters

Vintage Posters for home, office, gifts, decor, movie, televison and theatrical productions.

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