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William Weege Poster: In Every Government There Exists..., 1967

If you dig political 1960's posters, your collection should include the stunning and impactful work of William Weege. The Psychedelic era would be remiss without the surreal, anti-war poster collages of one of the 60's most important political artists.

William Weege Poster: Impeach Johnson, 1967

Born in 1935 in Wisconsin, Weege studied printmaking, collage and sculpture at the University of Wisconsin. In the late 60's his posters hit the streets of San Francisco and soon covered the walls of every young hipster's pad. His career pinnacled in 1970 and 1971 where his art was exhibited at the Worlds Fair in Japan and the 7th International Biennial Exhibition in 1970, the Moma (Museum of Modern Art) in 1970 and at the Whitney Museum in 1971.

Weege today teaches art at the University of Wisconsin and is still creating and selling his artwork.

William Weege Poster

William Weege Poster
Blessed are the Peace Makers

William Weege Poster
And Lo a Voice...All the Way With L.B.J.

William Weege Poster
Quote from Baudelaire and illustration of L.B.J. weeping over a pile of corpses

William Weege Poster

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