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Patty Hearst and members of the S.L.A. Wanted by the F.B.I.

Stock #:  1618
Publisher:  The F.B.I.
Color:   Black and White
Size:  10.5 x 15 3/4"
Year:  1974
Condition:  2.0-2.5 (stains, small tear, one large staplehole in top right corner, three creasemarks where was folded) (condition info)
Description:  RARE! Original "Wanted" poster, distributed in San Francisco by the F.B.I.! Patty Hearst Shaw is the grandaughterof publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst and great-granddaughter of self-made millionaire George Hearst, she gained notoriety in 1974 when, following her kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army (a revolutionary anti-government group), she ultimately joined her captors in furthering their cause. Apprehended after having taken part in a bank robbery in San Francisco with other SLA members, Hearst was imprisoned for almost two years before her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter. Printed on thin, matte stock
Price:  $250.00