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About Us

What is Lead Pipe Posters?
Looking for that hard to find vintage poster of the Dead? Joplin? The Rolling Stones? Bob Dylan? The Beatles? Or do you perhaps fancy a trippy, eye-popping blacklight poster? Maybe you're in search of a historic political poster of Nixon or Malcom X? Well, Chances are you'll find what you're looking for here at Lead Pipe!

We carry over 2,000 titles of original 60's and 70's posters that cover all genres, making our collection one of the most colorful and vast available.

What Makes Lead Pipe Different?
In addition to carrying the most popular collectible prints, We have an eclectic selection of unique, far out and unorthodox posters that capture the spirit of originality and unbridled expression that define the psychedelic era.

Whatever you are in search of, enjoy your look back at this magical and memorable past.

Lia Alcantara
      Owner of Lead Pipe Posters