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My collection was obtained from the famous Postermat store in San Francisco back in 1992. The collection had been sitting in a warehouse for over 20 years when I purchased it. Most of the posters are in near mint condition although many have minor signs of handling. The owner of Postermat, my boss Ben Friedman ran the store since the early 60's where he sold records as well as posters that covered the walls of his North Beach store. Postermat was a popular hang out and many famous celebrities including Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, John Lennon and Rick Griffin frequented the shop and called Ben their friend. A story about Ben and the history of the Postermat can be found in the book "The Art of Rock" on page 12. 

Our grading system is based on this 7 point scale: 
1.0 is mint to near mint 
1.0-1.5 is near mint with minor signs of handling 
1.5 has more signs of handling like small bends in the corners 
2.0 has more damage like a small tear or stain. 
2.0-2.5 can have larger tears or stains 
2.5 has significant stains, tears and/or other damage. 
2.5-3.0 has more severe damage. 
3.0 is terribly damaged and may have large stains and/or tears 

All online payments are Secure. If you prefer sending your payment through the mail, email me what day you intend to send it so that I can reserve your posters for you. Make check or money order out to Lead Pipe Posters and send to: Lead Pipe Posters 8981 Soda Bay Rd Kelseyville CA 95451 

All my posters are first rolled and put into plastic sleeves. Then they are put in very sturdy cardboard mailing tubes with bubble-wrap stuffed into the ends. Plastic caps seal the ends and are package-taped securely . All posters are shipped USPS Priority Mail Insured with Delivery Confirmation, and depending on the number of posters ordered, their value and the size of the tube, shipping and insurance costs goes from $13.50 and up in the U.S. Priority Mail is not guaranteed to arrive at a certain time but usually takes 4-6 days to arrive. If you would like to ship your posters Express mail which is guaranteed to arrive in 2 days, the cost depends on the size of your order. Shipping overseas depends on the country the poster is destined for. *Orders are shipped once a week every Thursday or Friday. 

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