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Harlows Discoteque in New York at 242 East 79th Street between 2nd and 3rd ave.
Huge poster!

Price: $125.00

A 108 year old victorian hotel. A space that spawns relationships. Bridging action, time and form. A landmark no. 71. A revolution. The community entering through a storefront art center. Learning, painting, printing, theater, film, exhibiting, intersecting. 25 art workers living anda creating together. Experimenting in interwork, interplay, interchange. A self-managed project. Asking questions from the whole. Acting in the world. A struggle to save the building from demolition. The community from dispersion. The development from developers. The whole from being broken.

Price: $150.00

Very rare and richly colored poster advertizing the drug dealer's board game!!

Price: $200.00
Price: $95.00

Crazy Horse de paris jubilee show 1951-1981. Printed on glossy stock.

Price: $65.00

Adverisment for North Beach, San Francisco coffee house.

Price: $95.00

Advertisement for book about Che Guevara

Price: $400.00

Ad for pillow. Printed on thin glossy stock.

Price: $50.00
Price: $175.00

Rare and comical anti-smoking advertizement

Price: $125.00


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