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This poster of the Beatles, produced by NEMS Enterprises LTD in 1964 has become one of the earliest Beatles icons. It is often said that the Beatles Royal Command Performance in 1963 confirmed their status in England. This poster was widely distributed in the U.S. but not many are in near mint condition like this one.

Price: $150.00

Rare original music promo with the controversial album cover

Price: $450.00

Printed on heavy cardboard stock. Is a stand-up promo.

Price: $200.00

RARE Joan Baez original album promo poster!

Price: $500.00

RARE Album promo on glossy cardboard stock. Printers edition. Has tracks from album and lists the musicians and people who created it.

Price: $400.00

RARE record promo poster. Printed on glossy, cardboard stock.

Price: $400.00

Rare band promo! Printed on glossy stock

Price: $400.00

Rare promo poster printed on cardboard stock

Price: $450.00

Rare advertising poster featuring the Allman Brothers! Reads: "Pioneer. High fidelity components. The Allman Brothers Band is available exclusively on Capricorn Records and Tapes" Circular-shaped poster printed on glossy stock.

Price: $125.00

RARE music promo poster printed on heavy, glossy cardboard stock

Price: $250.00


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