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Hippy peeing on businessman’s leg

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Benefit concert for the California grape workers at Carnegie Hall. Performers included Alan King, Peter Paul and Mary and more.

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On heavy stock

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General Francisco Villa (1877-1923) was the famous and well loved rebel general of the Mexican Revolution who invaded US territory and led American soldiers on a wild goose chase all over the harsh Mexican countryside for months. Along with Emiliano Zapata and Francisco I. Madero, Villa led peasant armies to a swift victory over the corrupt and repressive regime of the aging dictator, Porfirio Diaz. Unfortunately, he was assasinated in 1923.

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In the late 60’s William Weege was very active making collage-based prints, most of them of a bold and provocative political nature, often using highly experimental means. The best known of these was a 25-piece portfolio titled Peace is Patriotic, from 1967, which utilized a range of different papers and combinations of serigraphy and offset printing.

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