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Printed on matte stock

Price: $76.00
Price: $90.00
Price: $39.00
Price: $125.00
Price: $90.00
Price: $75.00
Price: $30.00

Printed on heavy, glossy stock. Printers Proofs are test runs of posters to decide on changes to make before the final run is printed.

Price: $50.00

Featuring Ravi Shankar, Country Joe and the Fish, B.B. King, Big Brother and The Holding Co. June 13 &14 1970 at the Civic Stadium (photo of country joe at bottom)

Price: $175.00

Robert Cabot Sherman Jr. (born July 22, 1943) is an American singer, actor and occasional songwriter who became a teen idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He had a series of successful singles, notably the million-seller "Little Woman" (1969). Sherman retreated from his show business career in the 1970s for a career as a paramedic and a sheriff's officer, though he occasionally performed into the 1990s.

Price: $60.00


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